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History of the Law Firm

Wasson & Associates, Inc. opened its doors over a decade ago in Southern California. As experienced trial attorneys at that time, the lawyers comprising the law firm had already accumulated years of legal experience encompassing many different areas of the law in both transactional as well as traditional civil litigation, but sought to narrow and focus their practice to civil litigation. We consider ourselves scholars and students of the civil litigation process. As the law firm has grown and expanded, the members have never lost the desire to further its collective knowledge of the law.

Wasson & Associates, Inc. has expanded over the years to Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona. Our experienced trial attorneys have tried cases in Sacramento, Nevada and Arizona. We have reviewed and worked with attorneys throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. But as the law firm has grown, we have never lost that “small firm environment” or the value of our personal relationships with our client. Additionally, as the law firm has upgraded its computer-based technology and support with sophisticated computer encryption and hi-tech back-up support systems, we have maintained the firm’s close connections with its clients. Though the law firm will continue to lead with ever-increasing computer-assisted technologic innovation that serves to keep its data secure and our legal services both efficient and cost-effective, we are committed to maintaining our small firm climate.

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