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Personal Injury Defense

The Personal Injury Defense Department at Wasson & Associates, Inc. represents defendants in a range of personal injury matters. Our attorneys bring high-level skills and a unique depth of experience to all levels of cases, including both simple and complex personal injury claims. These cases may involve intricate legal issues and have the potential for significant financial loss. At the direction of our lead attorney, our personal injury defense practice develops customized defense strategies designed to achieve a successful outcome.

Catastrophic Injury Claims

Attorneys at Wasson & Associates, Inc. deliver a focused, strong defense against catastrophic personal injury claims. Whether the claim stems from injuries due to premises liability, product liability, employer liability or another cause, our firm brings proven trial methods and personal service while protecting the interests of the defendant company. Our trial counsel services and litigation practice extends to defending catastrophic injury lawsuits and negligence claims for companies of all sizes.

Wrongful Death Claims

In personal injury claims involving loss of life, Wasson & Associates, Inc. is well-equipped to handle all litigation procedures, settlement negotiations, and coverage issues. Our experience includes multidistrict litigation, serving as defense counsel for large companies, and dealing with claims adjusters and insurance companies. In providing a vigorous defense of wrongful death claims, we complete a thorough investigation of all claims and exhaustive discovery.

Suspect Claims

Attorneys in our Personal Injury Defense Department are highly skilled at defending clients against suspect personal injury claims. From the outset, we examine details to investigate the validity of the claim. All elements are considered, including witness interviews, medical findings, accident reconstruction models, factual research, and more. We are experienced in tactics presented by fraudulent personal injury claimants and their lawyers. Wasson & Associates, Inc. addresses liability issues and delivers efficient, effective representation.

Insurance Fraud Litigation

Insurance fraud litigation includes a broad range of matters. Wasson & Associates, Inc. represents insurance carrier clients against fraudulent personal injury claims. We work diligently to recover damages and financial losses due to unlawful acts or illegal behavior. Working closely with each client, we examine details to uncover misappropriated assets. Many times, fraudulent claims have been paid due to sophisticated, organized enterprises through concerted actions designed to defraud insurance carriers.

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