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Commercial Litigation

The Commercial Litigation Department at Wasson & Associates, Inc. covers the legal needs of businesses across industries and operations of all sizes, including corporations, partnerships, publicly held corporations, joint ventures, proprietorships, limited liability entities, and other ventures. We represent clients in all types of complex business litigation matters. With quality legal services, our experienced attorneys pursue and defend against commercial disputes.

Commercial Litigation Experience

Our attorneys meet with each client to create a plan designed to obtain the best result while also mitigating the risk for future liability. From pre-litigation strategies and dispute resolution tactics, through the trial, appeal and any post-judgment enforcement actions, our commercial litigation practice seeks effective solutions. Our experienced lead attorney manages litigation and guides all aspects of each case to ensure clients receive a high level of responsiveness.

Complex Litigation

Large civil cases may encompass legal battles requiring multiparty litigation involving lengthy trials, multiple jurisdictions, and complicated claims with significant financial implications. Complex commercial litigation cases may include prosecutions and investigations by industry regulators and local, state or federal agencies. These high-profile cases require the full spectrum of legal guidance to ensure strategies are coordinated across parallel proceedings. Wasson & Associates, Inc. approaches complex commercial litigation with business-minded strategies.

Premises Liability

Premises Liability cases stem from claims involving injuries from hazards on properties owned or managed by others. When an individual sustains an injury due to a slip and fall, chemical exposure, animal attack, criminal activity, faulty wiring, or another type of dangerous situation, the business may be the target of a premises liability lawsuit. Our attorneys protect clients by evaluating potential hazards, defending against lawsuits, and managing risk for property owners.

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