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Areas of Our Legal Practice

Wasson & Associates, Inc. believes that each client expects to receive the highest level of experience and expertise in the handling of their cases. In order to meet these high expectations, we assign every case to the attorney in the law firm having the skills and experience necessary to handle the case. Once assigned, that very experienced trial attorney will remain handling that case to its conclusion.

An important part of our efforts to meet the high standards of our clients is the preparation of a highly complex litigation budget for each case. This budget sets forth the expected tasks of each case, the costs and expenses likely to be incurred at each stage of the litigation, a running breakdown of the costs incurred for each case and the outstanding settlement offer and demand made throughout the case. This will provide our attorneys and clients with the necessary and valuable information required to make key decisions pertaining to the evaluation, and ultimately the proper course of the litigation of the case. Our litigation budgets and other case management tools are fashioned for each client based upon the client’s individual needs. Contact us and let us show you how these litigation budgets and case management tools can help you navigate the often rough and unpredictable waters of modern civil litigation.

Wasson & Associates, Inc. is able to manage and litigate civil litigation cases because we have over 30 years of experience litigating the types of case you and your company are handling. But we are more than just civil litigators completing the necessary tasks that arise from a case. We have developed a well-respected reputation in the legal community. We are seen as tough but fair advocates for our clients. Though the law firm extends to Nevada and Arizona, we have gained the respect of our legal community by practicing law with high standards of professional and ethical conduct. Wasson & Associates, Inc. will continue to serve the best interests of your clients while maintaining the respect of the community in which we practice.

The scope of the law firm’s practice has grown and expanded over these past 30 years. Though our attorneys have experience in nearly all areas of civil litigation, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the areas of personal injury defense, including catastrophic injury claims, wrongful death claims, suspect claims and insurance fraud litigation, as well as extra-contractual litigation, including insurance bad faith litigation, complicated insurance compliance litigation and regulatory actions, all aspects of commercial litigation, including complex litigation, and premises liability. We have developed a very sophisticated professional liability department with experienced trial attorneys capable of handling both state and federal actions, construction defect litigation, employment litigation and complicated business litigation. The law firm’s litigation practice encompasses state and federal litigation. In addition to handling general civil litigation, the law firm has extensive appellate experience at all levels of the appellate courts.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury Defense

      Catastrophic Injury Claim

      Wrongful Death Claims

      Suspect Claims

      Insurance Fraud Litigation

Extra-Contractual Litigation

       Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

       Insurance Compliance Litigation and Regulatory Actions

Insurance Coverage and Compliance

Commercial Litigation

       Complex Litigation

       Premises Liability

Professional Litigation

Construction Defect Litigation

Employment Litigation

Complicated Business Litigation

Complex Litigation

Appellate Practice

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