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We believe that each client expects us to have experience and expertise to handle the cases and various issues raised by the client’s case. Clients retain Wasson & Associates, Inc. because of this experience. As a natural consequence of this expectation, we are prepared to develop a litigation plan for every client which outlines the expected costs of the legal matter, including the costs of any preliminary investigation, discovery and potential litigation disputes, the retention of experts, their scope of expertise and the reason for the retention, the realistic expectations for settlement or early resolution and the costs of trial preparation and trial if the matter cannot be resolved. As part of efforts to meet our clients’ expectation, we provide a litigation budget designed to address anticipated litigation expenses so the client will have a simple and straightforward outline of the cost of the litigation and thus some standard that can be consulted to insure we are representing the interests of our clients in conformity with their reasonable expectations. Though this plan will be subject to revision and updates as the case progresses, we fully recognize that each revision, change and modification of the budget must be explained and ultimately approved by our clients. By this recognition and practice, we believe that our clients are better able to make informed decisions in each important stage of our representation. In this way, we are partners with our clients in the struggles and triumphs of achieving their goals and expectations.


   Practice Areas


Appellate Practice

Areas of our Legal Practice

Civil Litigation 

Commercial Litigation 

Complex Litigation 

Complicated Business Litigation

Construction Defect Litigation 

Employment Practices Liability 

Extra-Contractual Litigation

Insurance Coverage

Personal Injury Defense

Professional Litigation

Trial Experience

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